Me, myself and I

In the shoes of a UX Designer, I describe myself as a generalist – enjoying every step of the process and doing it with the same passion. Deepening into more details, I would say that my strength is being a UX Researcher, especially the primary research.

My favourite step in the design cycle is brainstorming – generating ideas without thinking twice. Visualising the design further in the process is also an exciting moment, as I get to bring a project I believe in to life. It was not a challenge for me to work either with Figma or Adobe XD, and I can confidently ensure that I am not struggling with anything in the UX Design job.

My passion for UX Design began not long ago. However, I became a certificated Google designer at the beginning of May, and now I am ready to land my first job and apply my knowledge.

Google UX Design Course

I started my journey in UX Design in 2022. After working on several IT school projects, I realized the role of design in applications and websites. It is making a real difference. So, I took a closer look at the job and found myself curious about the possibilities. This was when I decided to sign up for Google’s six-month-long UX design online course.

For half a year, I was dedicated to the course. I studied each step of the UX Design process, found out that visual and motion design is interesting for me, but not as much as the research, and also started considering accessibility and noticing assistive technologies everywhere around me.


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My projects

During my UX Design journey I have been working on cross-platforms designs. I considered the 4C-s – consistency, continuty, context and complementary, everytime

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Politea Diner

Food ordering app

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Educational platform

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Social good website

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Fashion app